Zoot Recovery 2.0 CRx Long Sleeve Top - Unisex

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Product Description

This high-performance top helps to promote recovery and reduce swelling by placing direct pressure on your muscles. It forces lactic acid out of the muscle and speeds post-workout recovery. Graduated compression gradually decreases as it gets closer to your heart, accelerating blood flow and reducing swelling.


  • Made of polyester and LYCRA® with SilverTECH for to prevent microbial growth and odour for the life of the fabric.
  • Fabric provides UPF 50+ protection.
  • Polyester yarns transport moisture away from the body to the garment's surface, where it spreads and dries quickly.
  • CRx compression improves blood circulation, reduces lactic acid build-up, lessens cramps and soreness, quickens recovery time.
  • Pressure, measured at 18-30mmHg, is greatest at the farthest part of the limb from the heart.
  • Dynamic x construction is designed to support and improve your muscle alignment and posture.


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