2XU R2 Wetsuit - Men

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Utilising 2XU’s Silicone Glide Skin (SGS) coating plus next generation neoprene foam technology across the entire wetsuit.
Engineered from world class materials, the R:2 also comes with 1.5mm Underarm/Shoulder Panelling for maximum flexibility and a 5mm Front Buoyancy Panel.

3D print Catch Panels for greater distance per stroke,
2XU’s proprietary Rollbar for enhanced body positioning,
Floating Zip Panels for increased wetsuit flexibility,
Velocity Strakes for cleaner tracking through the water,
Seamless shoulder and arm panel for enhanced flexibility,
SGS Silicone Hydro Coating to provide maximum buoyancy through its neoprene construction,
Stretch Lining provides enhanced lateral flexibility,

The 2XU R:2 represents exceptional value for money.

Triathlon wetsuits have come a long way since their inception by Dan Empfield in the late 80's.  Customised specifically to the needs of triathletes, these wetsuits boast certain unique features that other wetsuit types lack.  Triathletes have aided the progression of the triathlon wetsuit with their input, refining and improving the design year on year.  Generally a Triathlon wetsuit will have thinner, more flexible neoprene around the shoulders for freedom of movement.  To make the wetsuit quicker to remove during transitions, triathlon wetsuits tend to have a longer easy-reach zip.    To make the swimmer more hydrodynamic tri wetsuits tend to have a smoother surface to reduce drag, making for a faster swim.  Tri wetsuits also provide extra buoyancy to the triathlete, meaning energy is used more efficiently.

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