CycleOps Fluid Jet Pro Trainer

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The CycleOps JetFluid Pro's PowerTuned technology provides smooth, realistic accelerations and inertia offering real-world feel for widest range of riders and riding types.

Powertuned Technology provides the perfect balance between the most realistic power curve and a precision balanced flywheel for sustained efforts and accelerations. Simply shift into the big ring for added resistance, just like out on the road, and let the JetFluid Pro prepare you for all the challenges of the upcoming season.

We designed the resistance units to be quieter and produce a more consistent power curve unit to unit, plus have extended bearing life.

PowerTuned flywheel creates higher inertia for a ride that's like being out on the open road. Chamber and impeller allows for optimal fluid distribution for a smooth and quiet ride.  The patented design channels 100% of intake air to efficiently cool the resistance unit and maintain a consistent power curve.


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