HED Lollipop Aero Bottle Mount


HED. invented the aerobar drinking system 15 years ago, and as is the case with many brilliant ideas it was quickly co-opted. The time has come for another brilliant idea: securely mount a standard bottle in a position that can be accessed without breaking aero form. HED's Lollipop bottle mounts clamp securely on the steerer tube, supplying a mount for a standard bottle cage. The advantages of this mount are:

  • TT riders can take a hand-up in the feed zone and simply plug the bottle in.
  • No fumbling with caps and dumping the contents of one bottle into another.

Like our original aerobar drink system, hydration is right where you need it. There is no need to sit up to access your bottle and drink. On a shorter TT (or with frequent handups) a cold or frozen bottle on the riders forearms takes some load off the body's cooling mechanisms and increases performance.

Fixed mount:

  • Distance from steerer to upper bolt hole 28mm. Weight 24g with bolts.
  • Only for 1 1/8 steerer tubes.