Profile Design Insulated Aero Drink System

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Puts cool fluids in just the right place for triathletes!

Insulated Bottle with Easy Refill Cap

Bottle is insulated to keep fluids cold for up to 1 hour, and liquids cool for up to 3 hours. Refill foam cap makes refueling while on-the-go a snap.

Basebar Bracket

Easily fits narrow mounting aerobars or wider setups with our Basebar Bracket.


Universal Aerodrink Bracket

Compatible with the Universal Aerodrink Bracket, mounting system directly to aerobar extensions.

  • Capacity: 22oz (650ml)
  • Weight: 210g
  • Features: Maintains the temperature of cold liquids for up to 1 hour. Keeps liquids cool for up to 3 hours.