Xlab Multi-Strike Repair Holder (excluding CO2)

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The XLAB Multi-Strike Repair Holder gives you the most tire repair options on the market. It easily mounts to XLAB Delta single bottle systems or at the rear of the XLAB Carbon Wing and Super Wing. Versatility and flexibility wins races, and the Multi-Strike Repair Holder is a key component to that philosophy. It'll hold your tire repair essentials in multiple configurations for any race, environment, or conditions. Always be prepared with the Multi-Strike Repair Holder from XLAB.

Features & Benefits

  • VERSATILE MOUNTING - Will mount on DELTA single bottle systems or at the rear of the XLAB™ CARBON WING andSUPER WING.
  • STORAGE SAVER - Mounts to your hydration carrier, saving space in your storage bag for your cell phone, nutrition and other important items.
  • FAST ACCESS - Simply unscrew, and attach your inflator and CO2 cartridges. Simply unstrap your spare tire, tube or inflating foam sealant.

Multiple Configurations

  • The CO2 Holder holds 2 CO2 Cartridges and a NANOFLATOR or SPEED CHUCK inflator.¬†
  • The Multi Holder can hold a tube, inflating foam sealant, TIRE MATE or tubular tire (must purchase optional XCW STRAP if storing a tubular tire).

Popular Clincher Setups

  • Tube & tire levers on Multi Holder. Two CO2 and a NANOFLATOR inflator on CO2 Holder.
  • 4 CO2 cartridges and NANOFLATOR inflator. (Purchase an extra CO2 Holder).

Popular Tubular Setups

  • Tubular tire on Multi Holder. Two CO2 & NANOFLATOR inflator on CO2 Holder.
  • Tubular tire and inflating foam sealant. (Purchase an extra Multi Holder).


  • Center Plate
  • Multi Holder
  • CO2 Holder
  • 2 AIR STRIKE CO2 Cartridges
  • Hardware¬†


Glass Reinforced Nylon


Chassis: 30 grams