Cervelo S-Series Disc Ultegra R8000 (2021)

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The S-Series makes every part of your ride better: the final sprint on your Saturday morning group ride, the long climb, and a solo effort on the edge of town. We've applied years of experience of building the most aero bikes in the peloton to create a bike that delivers maximum performance.

Ideal For: Group rides / Solo efforts



The S-Series is designed to be an aerodynamic integrated system incorporating the rider, frame, and components. Frame tube shapes and design elements work together to manipulate and smooth the airflow over the bike and rider.

The result: you go faster.



Stiffness in critical parts of the frame is essential for calm and precise handling and pedaling efficiency. Most aerodynamic bikes have to trade off aerodynamics for stiffness, but we worked hard to ensure the S-Series frames are stiff, while not sacrificing aerodynamic performance.



Cervélo builds bikes that are easy to own - so you can spend less time servicing them and more time enjoying the ride. The S-Series is specced with components that are easy to upgrade, and the bike is designed to be ready for electronic, mechanical, or hydraulic shifting.



Partial Seat Tube Cutout

Cervélo's Partial Seat Tube Cutout is a shorter version of their Extended Seat Tube Cutout, providing improved aerodynamic performance at a lower cost and wtih a different look.



Cervélo developed BBright to take advantoge of the fact that oversized frame tubes are stiffer an lighter. With the BBright system, larger sized tubes are used in the seat tube, down tube and lefhand chain stay. The beenfit is increased stiffness and pedalling efficiency in lighter weight frame. BBright is compatible with all major bottom bracket standards.