Cervelo S5 Disc Dura-Ace Di2 R9150 (2021)

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The S5 is an aerodynamic road bike built for the fastest sprinters in the world. It is stiffer and more aerodynamic than ever before, while offering excellent comfort and ride quality. If you live for the exhilaration of going fast, the S5 will give you every possible advantage.

Ideal For: Racing



The S5 boasts substantial aerodynamic improvements over its predecessor. Full internal cable routing, a custom bar and stem, riding position, and special frame shapes work together to reduce drag and improve aerodynamics.

The result: you go faster.



The best sprinters in the world need a bike stiff enough to handle the extreme forces they produce in the frantic sprint to the line. The new S5 Disc is significantly stiffer at the bottom bracket and head tube, without increasing frame weight.



You'll feel the difference immediately. Frame stiffness and geometry work together for precise handling and pedaling efficiency. Frame lay-ups and tube shapes, along with tires up to 28mm wide, soak up road vibrations for a smoother ride.



True Aero

TrueAero combines specific tube shapes, sizes, and design features to improve aerodynamic flow across the bike. The application of TrueAero is tailored specifcally for each of Cervélo's bikes and their intended uses.

Extended Seat Tube Cutout

Cervélo's Extended Seat Tube cutout is a close fitting curve in the seat tube, which shields the leading edge of the rear wheel to significantly imporove aerodynamic performance.


Cervélo developed BBright to take advantoge of the fact that oversized frame tubes are stiffer an lighter. With the BBright system, larger sized tubes are used in the seat tube, down tube and lefhand chain stay. The beenfit is increased stiffness and pedalling efficiency in lighter weight frame. BBright is compatible with all major bottom bracket standards.

Less Drag, More Speed

Aerodynamics are critical to engineering a fast bike: aero drag accounts for as much as 90% of the overall resistance affecting a rider. Using special frame tube shapes and design features, Cervélo improved the aerodynamics of the S5 Disc so you can reap the benefits of reduced drag. The new S5 is 42 grams faster than its predecessor - that's the equivalent of 5.5 watts.

No Wasted Effort

The stiffness of the S5 is a sprinter's dream. Using a combination of material, shape, and lay up, Cervélo engineered the S5 to be stiffer at the head tube, for stable and predictable handling, and at the bottom bracket, so that more of your power goes into turning the rear wheel. A 13% increase in headtube (torsional) stiffness over the previous S5 and a 25% increase in the bottom bracket stiffness over the previous S5.