Argon 18 Krypton CS Disc 105 (2020)

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There’s a saying that goes, when the going gets tough, the tough get going. Well, the Krypton CS is the one to get you there. No matter how rough the road you travel, this tough as nails bike is designed with a geometry for those who are in it for the long haul. From beginner to intermediate, you can count on the Krypton CS to deliver, and more.

When designing both the Krypton CS and GF, Argon 18 needed to expand their definition of comfort. With this in mind, they developed new tools to help separate marketing gimmicks from truly innovative technology in frame design. Using virtual tools, hundreds of theories were tested that were later validated through new control methods which in turn helped benchmark the competition. The result of all this work: bikes providing unparalleled comfort with no compromise in performance.


  • NEW ENDURANCE GEOMETRY - Argon 18 didn’t simply change the existing race geometry for this new bike, instead, they carried over key aspects and constructed something completely unique.
  • TOPOLOGICAL COMPLIANCE SYSTEM - Performance grade carbon monocoque frame and fork concept that offers exceptional vertical compliance and reacts positively to road-induced vibrations while remaining impervious to lateral movement, thus ensuring maximum pedaling efficiency for optimal performance.
  • ENDURANCE SPECIFIC FORK DESIGN - Radical shape optimized for best balance of vibration absorption and control.
  • AERODYNAMICS - Aerodynamically efficient frame and fork designs for better performance and riding pleasure.
  • FLAT MOUNT DISC BRAKES FOR 140 OR 160MM ROTORS - When using fenders, 140mm rear brake rotor is recommended.
  • COMPATIBLE WITH ALL ROAD CASSETTES - Including junior cassettes with a 14-28 range.
  • UP TO 32MM (28MM WITH FENDERS) TIRE CLEARANCE - For maximum comfort on any road surface.
  • TDS-C SEATPOST - Easy-to-use, offers compliance and comfort.
  • 3D+ SYSTEM - An essential characteristic of the Krypton CS frame design is the fully integrated 3D+ system. It delivers all the handling and stiffness benefits of the original 3D system in a streamlined version that merges seamlessly with the frame. It offers 3 head tube extension heights for every frame size: 0mm, 15mm and 30mm.
  • DT SWISS TYPE 12MM THRU-AXLE - Clean, simple, light and sturdy.
  • INLAID CHAINSUCK PROTECTOR - Protection of the carbon chainstay against wear from the chain’s movement.