Cervelo R5 Disc Dura-Ace Di2 (2020)

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The R5 will fuel your passion, whether you find glory in winning races or beating your friends to the top of the hill. The R5 makes no compromises as a race machine first and foremost: like you, it thrives on punishment.

Ideal For: Stage Races / Hill Climbs


A high performance bike you can trust. Stiffness and geometry work together for pedaling efficiency and stable handling. Wider tires and frame compliance create a smoother ride to help reduce your fatigue. Disc brakes ensure controlled braking in all conditions.


Cervélo values user-friendly and intuitive adjustments. The thoughtful details of the R5 will delight you: RAT thru axles for fast wheel changes, plenty of tire clearance (for tires up to 30mm measured width), and an integrated computer mount for uncluttered handlebars.



Cervélo made the R5 stiffer at key points in the bike while maintaining its featherweight status. In fact, the disc model of the R5 is their stiffest ever road bike frame. The R5's careful balancing of stiffness and weight results in a bike that accelerates quickly but is stable and predictable at speed.


Pro Road Fit – Cervélo’s Pro Fit offers the lowest frame stack heights to enable an aerodynamic riding position. The Pro Fit is the direct result of input from pro racers who wanted to get their handlebars as low as possible for maximum aerodynamic advantage.

Squoval Max – Squoval Max tubes are a library of tube shapes that combine the attributes of a square with an oval but with a more aerodynamic leading edge. These unique shapes dial in the ideal balance of stiffness and weight in specific areas of a frame, while reducing aero dynamic drag.

BBRight – Cervélo developed BBright to take advantage of the fact that oversized frame tubes are stiffer and lighter. With the BBright system, larger-sized tubes are used in the seat tube, down tube, and the left hand chain stay. The benefit is increased stiffness and pedaling efficiency in a lighter weight frame. BBright is compatible with all major crank standards

No Wasted Effort – A combination of material, shape, and lay up are used to engineer the desired stiffness of different parts of the frame. For the R5 Disc, Cervélo optimized the stiffness of the head tube, for stable and predictable handling, and the stiffness of the bottom bracket, so that more of your power goes into turning the rear wheel. This R5 has an 18% improvement in head tube stiffness and a 26% improvement in bottom bracket stiffness compared to the previous generation R5.

Less Drag, More Speed – Aerodynamics are critical to engineering a fast bike: aero drag accounts for as much as 90% of the overall resistance affecting a rider. Using special frame tube shapes, Cervélo improved the aerodynamics of the R5 Disc so you can reap the benefits of reduced drag, leading to a 44% aero improvement over the previous generation R5.