Argon 18 E-118 Tri + Disc Ultegra Di2 (2020)

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A UCI-legal tri bike with the lean, low race frame of a TT champion, tailored for triathletes.

“I immediately felt the speed and smoothness. It’s surprisingly smooth, actually. The fit we were able to get because of the lower front profile was perfect for me. I’ve already had quite a few athletes ask me about it, who are smaller in stature like me.” - Heather Jackson – Pro Triathlete


  • AGGRESSIVE FIT AND POSITIONING - New geometry provides a significantly lower, more aerodynamic front profile.
  • UPDATED ONENESS SYSTEM - Our updated ONEness system offers a bar/stem system with armrest stack 2cm lower and grip position 4cm lower than the E-118Next. This allows athletes to achieve an aggressive position, and for smaller riders to find their perfect fit.
  • DESIGNED FOR HIGHLY TECHNICAL COURSES - Superb handling with the confidence of disc brakes. TT-level stiffness provides increased power transfer, and confident climbing and cornering comes through the lower position available on the base bar, with a 1.5cm increase in the saddle to handlebar drop over the E-118Next.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT - At 1200g (frameset, medium), the E-118 Tri+ is among the lightest tri bikes on the market.
  • UCI-LEGAL - Working within the UCI limits on tube size pushed us to shave all unneeded bulk off the frame, for a lean, lightweight racer that leaves you fresh for the run.