Argon 18 E-119 Tri Rim Ultegra (2020)

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Fly like a pro. Ride like a demon. A truly serious bike for serious triathletes. For those who are in training for Ironman™, this bike truly delivers. There’s no turning back once you commit to this road hungry machine. Slightly heavier than E-119 tri+, but with all the legendary Argon 18 technologies to help you best, your personal best.

Like its big brother the E-119 Tri+, it is the epitome of what a triathlon bike should be. It will make you want to train harder, race better. With its sleek look, the E-119 Tri will definitely help you rise above all expectations.


  • DESIGNED, TESTED AND OPTIMIZED FOR TRUE WIND CONDITIONS - One of the world’s fastest triathlon bikes (at 5° to 20° yaw angles).
  • SIGNIFICANT IMPROVEMENT IN AERODYNAMICS - Thanks to the same rigorous CFD testing as the E-119 Tri+, it’s the ultimate triathlon bike.
  • OPTIMAL CARBON FIBER - Designed to be high performance and even lighter.
  • EXCLUSIVE ONENESS CONCEPT 3.0 INTEGRATED HANDLEBAR - Offers greater headset adjustment, optimal aerodynamic positioning, and more than 30 configuration options.
  • PROPRIETARY REAR BRAKE - Cam-pulled system installed horizontally, aerodynamic, easy to access and adjust.
  • CONCEALED FRONT BRAKE - Ultralight and easy to adjust.
  • ADDITIONAL 25MM TIRE CLEARANCE - Prevents the brakes from rubbing and enables faster wheel changes.
  • TRAVEL-FRIENDLY - No complicated hardware, easily removable cockpit and wheels.
  • CLASSIC DERAILLEUR HANGERS - Make for easy wheel changes.
  • SIZE-SPECIFIC GEOMETRY - Well balanced ergonomic fit for every frame in every size.
  • OPTIMAL BALANCE - A winning formula for high performance – the perfect blend of aerodynamics, comfort and maneuverability.