Argon 18 E-119 Tri + Rim Ultegra Di2 (2020)

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Ride the icon. Ride the bike by which all other bikes are measured. The E-119 Tri+ is a veritable game changer. It’s the bike of pros, and those who are on the verge of going pro. Classic performance with a fully integrated Oneness front end exclusive to Argon 18, this is the bike of choice of Heather Jackson, Michelle Vesterby and Craig Alexander. Need we say more?

“I felt so strong on my Argon 18 E-119 Tri+ on the Placid course. It’s one of the most challenging IRONMAN courses out there with lots of climbing and some fast, technical descents. I felt like I could just attack the climbs and my Argon 18 responded- it is light and felt like I was climbing on my road bike. I was also able to stay aero on the fast descents and rolling sections helping me ride the fastest bike split of the day.” - Heather Jackson - Professional triathlete, winner of IRONMAN™ Lake Placid 2018


  • TRIATHLON-SPECIFIC GEOMETRY - 78° seat tube and adjustable saddle position (+28mm, -28mm). Creates an optimal fit for any level of athlete.
  • CFD ANALYSIS (WIND TUNNEL AND VELODROME TESTING) - Optimal aerodynamics in true wind conditions (5° to 20° yaw angles).
  • EXCLUSIVE ONENESS CONCEPT 3.0 INTEGRATED HANDLEBAR - Offers greater headset adjustment, optimal aerodynamic positioning, and more than 30 configuration options.
  • HYDRATION, NUTRITION AND SURVIVAL ACCESSORIES - Provide an aerodynamic advantage during races and training / customizable for every rider’s needs / fully integrated in the design of the bike giving it a sleek look.
  • PROPRIETARY REAR BRAKE - Cam-pulled system installed horizontally, aerodynamic, easy to access and adjust.
  • CONCEALED FRONT BRAKE - Ultralight and easy to adjust.
  • ADDITIONAL 25MM TIRE CLEARANCE - Prevents the brakes from rubbing and enables faster wheel changes.
  • TRAVEL-FRIENDLY - No complicated hardware, easily removable cockpit and wheels.
  • CLASSIC DERAILLEUR HANGERS - Make for easy wheel changes.
  • SIZE-SPECIFIC GEOMETRY - Well balanced ergonomic fit for every frame in every size.
  • OPTIMAL BALANCE - A winning formula for high performance – the perfect blend of aerodynamics, comfort and maneuverability.