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COBB Gen 2 Saddle

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Product Description

The new Gen 2 saddle was designed specifically for tri bikes or road bikes with aero bars.  Many riders have found comfort in an aggressive position because of its elongated nose allowing for greater movement on the saddle.

The Gen 2 saddle has an extended range of adjustment, great pressure relief, and ultra narrow design for no upper hamstring interference. It offers extra clearance for upper Hamstring clearance and a full front deep channel for extra pressure relief. The central cutout also greatly aids with cooling airflow to help keep the chamois area from staying too wet and causing chaffing.

The new Gen 2 saddle also features Cobb's latest patent pending ‘convertible’ rear water system mount. With this design, Cobb eliminates the hassle of needing several brackets, screws and clamps with its aerodynamically developed rear bracket. John Cobb spent several hours in the Texas A&M wind tunnel working out the best placement for the bottles, this positioning will generally give the lowest drag of any rear bottle system. The new system will mount either one or two bottle cages. The rear bracket also makes a great transition rack mount and has convenient slots for holding your spare kit. This bracket completely clears up the bottom side of the saddle making it cleaner for better airflow under the rider while allowing for much easier seat adjustments on the bike.

Mounting Instructions for the Gen 2

Road Bike: The Gen 2 was designed as a road bike saddle. It was also designed for a Road bike with clip-on aero bars and has a couple of features that make this a great choice in saddles. You will notice that there is a nice ‘swoop’ the center of the saddle, this will help hold you in a better position and relieve shoulder and neck stress. When mounting this saddle to your current set-up, please make sure to note the saddle rails sit approximately 1 cm taller than most standard saddle heights. There are other adjustments that will help when working to get this saddle dialed in for maximum comfort.

Straight out of the box, when placing this saddle on a road bike, start with a 2 degree nose down tilt, most riders, especially those who like to move forward and back on the nose of their saddle will find comfort fairly quickly. This saddle is designed differently than any of the other Cobb saddles and is setup almost completely opposite as far as saddle tilt.

Tri-Bike: Start with the tilt of the nose down 6 - 7 degrees. If you notice in the picture, the tilt is so slanted your first inclination is to say that is too far nose down and will place too much pressure on the rider’s arms/hands. This is not the case, the ‘swoop’ that is designed into the saddle actually catches and holds the rider and gives them a nice place to sit without the nose grinding into their sensitive areas. Without this tilt the nose is too upright and rider will not like the feel of the saddle, the built in “trough” in the center of the saddle will give great pressure relief and will cradle the rider for long distance comfort. The narrow center section gives great upper Hamstring clearance allowing for very good pelvis rotation and low, aggressive front ends.


Cobb Gen2 Chart

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