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Shimano Ultegra Di2 11-Speed Shifters (ST-6870)

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Product Description

In 2008 SHIMANO first introduced electronic shifting to road cycling in its Dura-Ace 7970 groupset. In 2011 it became available for Ultegra. Now it's also available in Ultegra 6800. Ultegra takes pro-tested technologies to a wider audience. Whether it is a mechanical or electronic shifting interface, Ultegra provides the highest quality outside professional racing. 

The advantages of Di2 (Digital Integrated Intelligence) are clear for everybody who has tested it: changing gears becomes easier, effortless and faster by simply touching the shift buttons. Control at the top of your fingers. Additional benefits include an automatic trimming front derailleur, unmatched precision plus super easy installation and adjustment. This allows automatic chain guide movement in response to the gear position of the rear derailleur. There is no more need for concentration on trimming when riding. 

Features of Shimano Ultegra 6870 group: 

Compared to the previous Ultegra Di2 (6770) SHIMANO improved the ergonomics of the dual control lever for easier access. Especially on top of the – slimmer – hoods riders have more control than ever. Also the shape of the shift button improved and the contrast of the surface is more recognizable. 

Shimano Ultegra ST-6870 

  • Instant, accurate shifts
  • Improved ergonimics for easier access to the shift buttons from the top of the hoods
  • Cleaner wiring duo to single-wire E-tube connections (Easy to add satelite shifters to bar tops or in drops)
  • Programmable multi-shift function
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