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Vittoria Pitstop Tire Sealant

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Product Description

Vittoria Pit Stop is used to quickly inflate and repair your tires.  Using Vittoria Pit Stop prior to riding is an excellent way to put sealant in your racing or training tire. Vittoria Pit Stop is a lifesaver in a can! Works on Presta and Schader valves.

Vittoria Pit Stop adds only 18 grams of expandable latex to the tire, the Pit Stop instantly inflates a narrow tire to 90 psi while filling leaks (other than cuts). This is not just a temporary fix; in fact it can be used to pretreat your tires prior to a race. However it is worth noting that the gas in the cylinder is propane and you'll have to pump up your tires race morning.

  • Inflates tires up to 100 psi!
  • Fixes and seals punctures with foam sealant
  • Can be used to pre-treat a tire with sealant without taking apart the valve. Sealant in your tire in the matter of a seconds!
  • Super lightweight and small enough to be carried with you on raceday in addition to or instead of a spare tubular or tube.
  • Universal head for schrader or presta valves
  • Finally in a race when using either tubulars or clinchers you don't need not carry a spare or spend the time to change a flat tire!
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