Vittoria Removabale Valve For Tubular Tire

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Vittoria makes some of the best tubular tires, and now they make the best tubular valves as well. Vittoria Tubulars come with removable valves that detach at the base of the tubular. This eliminates the need to add valve extensions because you can run the proper length simply by installing the correct length valve for the wheel depth you need. No more messing with fussy extenders that leak and are a pain to inflate. The Vittoria Removable Tubular valve is proprietary to Vittoria tubulars. The thread at the base of the valve will only work on Vittoria tubular tires. A 42mm valve comes standard with every Vittoria tubular. If you're not sure which valve you need for your wheels, add 20mm to your wheel depth and select the closest Vittoria valve. 

  • Made of aluminum
  • Eliminates the need for valve extenders
  • Available in multiple lengths (42mm comes stock with Vittoria tubulars)
  • Places core at end of valve for easy inflation