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Xlab Stealth Pocket 400 XP Bag

0.00 LBS

Product Description

More Aerodynamic

  • Actually reduces drag caused by stem and headset spacers.
  • Airfoil shape provides clean air flow around bag.
  • Perfect 5:1 ratio for lowest possible drag.
  • Same width as head tube, therefore no increase in frontal area.
  • Super smooth low skin friction exterior reduces drag.

Non Sway Design

  • Non-slip surface underneath bag grips top tube with more than 17lbs of grip force.
  • Three long velcro straps make bag secure.

Easier to Use

  • Located within easy reach while riding.
  • Non-slip dual rubber zipper pulls so you can open from either end.
  • One handed Super-Slide zippers.

Smart Storage

  • Can carry 6 gels.
  • Silver colored interior makes it easier to see contents.
  • Can store the longest energy bars.

Contents Stay Cooler

  • Insulated sides keep your nutrition cooler.



10.5" (26.7cm) L x 2.1" (5.3cm) H x 1.5" (3.8cm) W


Proprietary low skin friction woven material. Reflective silver lining. Proprietary insulation material. Anti-slip base. High stitch embroidery count.


23.2 (360 c.cms).


72 grams (2.5 oz)


1 Year Limited Warranty.

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