F2C Electro-Durance - 250 Servings

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ELECTRO-DURANCE™ - 84 Essential Minerals Needed For Proper Energy Balance

  • Improves Electrolyte Balance
  • Enhanced Recovery
  • Enhances Hydration
  • Helps Eliminate Cramping
  • Improved Performance

F2C Electro-Durance™ is not just sodium citrate; it actually has all 84 essential minerals needed for proper energy balance, including calcium, magnesium, and potassium.

  • All 84 essential minerals needed for proper energy balance round out this amazing formula.
  • All ingredients are in compliance for IOC, MLS, NCAA, NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB. Every batch of Electro-Durance™ is tested for banned substances by a world class sports doping control laboratory.

When to Use

  • Take 1-3 full servings per hour of exercise depending on the heat and intensity of your work out to maintain electrolyte balance.
  • For fastest results place salt directly under your tongue and allow it to begin dissolving directly into your system via oral transmission. 1-3 licks every 5 miles on the bike and every mile on the run.
  • Electro-Durance™ may be added to Glyco-Durance™, Endurance 5:1™ or Hydra-Durance™ if your require increased electrolytes.
  • Replace your current table salt with Electro-Durance™ for food seasoning.