Stryd Running Power Meter

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The world's first wearable power meter measures runner's running efficiency, and guides runners to personalized performance-enhancing training and form changes. Stryd measures running efficiency with a tiny wearable power meter that clips to your shoe!

Power: The direct measurement of running efficiency. Exercise physiology research demonstrates that running 10% more efficiently (economically) can cut 5k time by almost half a minute. Stryd accurately measures every key aspect of running — performance, technique, muscle strength and condition, as well as external running environment, and encapsulates them all to deliver running efficiency.

Simple to use, just clip it on and go. Each wireless recharge can handle hundreds of miles. Enhanced with carbon fiber, Stryd is light and strong and can accompany you regardless of weather or road conditions.

Power Metrics Running Efficiency, Training Intensity, Run Form, Pace
Installation Shoe Clip
Weight 10 grams


Bluetooth, ANT+
Water Resistance 30 min @ 1 meter
Battery Wireless Charging, One Month Per Charge