Aqua Sphere EarPlug & NoseClip

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Swim with safety and comfort thanks to the Aqua Sphere Silicone Ear Plugs and Nose Clip. This pack comes with a lanyard to keep, both, the ear plugs and nose clip together. It also includes a reusable storage case which keeps the plugs and clip neatly organized. The plugs help protect your ear from infections caused by water during swimming. Its dual density silicon rubber design makes the plugs soft and offers great comfort when inserted into the ear. Since the plugs are flexible, it causes no damage to the ear while swimming. The plugs have been designed anatomically, to fit each ear. The ergonomic conical shape, makes it easy for the plugs to enter the ear and seal them tightly. The nose clip offers an ideal fit, thanks to its flexible anatomic bridge. Its soft silicone pads ensure comfort on either sides of the clip. Both, the plug and clip, have 2 color combinations to choose from and match your swimming gear. So next time you go for a swim take along the Aqua Sphere Silicone Ear Plugs and Nose Clip.