Nineteen Rogue Full Sleeve Wetsuit - Men

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After five years of development, Nineteen is able to deliver the ultimate swimming experience — introducing the Rogue. Our relentless focus on fit and technique has produced the world's fastest, most comfortable wetsuit.

Technology : CSC Exoskeleton (CSCX)

Nineteen has developed the Rogue to provide core stability and compression though our CSC Exoskeleton comprised of strategically placed Japanese neoprene and compression-fabric lining. This system limits unnecessary stretch in the torso and upper body.

Technology : WingSpan Elite

Years of testing and development led to the industry leading Wingspan system first used in the Frequency. Now the Rogue introduces the next generation - Wingspan Elite. The Wingspan Elite employs the highest quality neoprene and our proprietary

Technology: Catch Paddles

Our exclusive Catch Paddles off the advantage of additional surface area when making the catch and ensure maximum leverage between your elbow and wrist.

Technology: Elbow Elevator

High elbows are key to a good stroke. For this reason nineteen has developed the elbow elevator integrated into the forearm panel to help sustain optimized arm position when making the ‘catch’ to ensure maximum distance per stroke!

Technology : Uncollar++

Developed from the success of the Uncollar, the Uncollar++ helps ensure an effective seal from water entry at high speeds. Higher, thinner, and smoother, the Uncollar++ helps create the ultimate seal when combined with our reverse zipper.

Technology : Reverse Wavy Zipper

Nineteen’s new Reverse Wavy Zipper plays a vital role in ensuring ideal fit in the torso. It creates the ultimate seal at the collar while eliminating material bulk behind the neck for a clean and comfortable fit.