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Zone3 Original Neoprene Buoyancy Short - 5/3mm

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Product Description

The Buoyancy Shorts were first developed by Zone3 back in 2007. As the original inventors of this product, Zone3 thought it was appropriate to call their 5:3mm thickness, smoothskin shorts ‘The Originals’. They have eight years of fantastic customer reviews behind them and have helped thousands of swimmers to improve both their body position in the water and swim technique.

The shorts are designed as an alternative to a pull buoy. They give a more natural feeling of buoyancy and allow swimmers to develop their swimming with extra core support. The latest version of these shorts offers a more comfort-focused waistband and updated graphics.

‘The Originals’ are made from top quality smoothskin neoprene and are stitched and bonded just the same as a triathlon wetsuit. The shorts are designed using 3mm neoprene down the centre and 5mm neoprene down the sides. The 3mm provides the additional buoyancy whilst the 5mm side panels complement this by promoting hip rotation through each stroke.

Key Features

  1. For novice or intermediate level swimmers the major factor which prevents them from swimming faster is the lack of core stability and leg kick. Their arm strength and technique are good but because they are not horizontal on the top of the water they create a lot of drag and ‘dead weight’ which makes it much harder to swim efficiently.
    With the buoyancy shorts the swimmer can get more used to swimming in the correct horizontal and streamlined position, so they start to build a ‘neural pattern’ of how they should feel in the water. This also allows the swimmer to concentrate on making a more effective leg kick and better forward glide with each stroke, without that ‘sinking leg’ feeling
    With the extra buoyancy support, the swimmer can also focus more on the technique of their arm stroke, without the constant battle to keep the hips and legs in a high position in the water
    Results have shown that over time a swimmer’s body position, speed and endurance can be significantly increased by training with buoyancy shorts.
  2. Suitable for any level of triathlete who wants to refine their open water swimming technique whilst in a pool. Swimming in a wetsuit during a triathlon is very different to swimming without a wetsuit during a swimming race. The majority of your power needs to derive from your upper body whereas your legs and core provide the essential control. These shorts help develop your open water swimming technique whilst in the pool, where wearing a full wetsuit would either be too hot or may not be permitted.
  3. For use in open-water training or races as an alternative to swimming in a full wetsuit (when the weather is warm enough!).
  4. Now with a new comfort-focused waistband.
Buoyancy Short SizingWaist (cm)Waist (in)
X Small 66-71 26-28
Small 71-79 28-31
Medium 79-84 31-33
Large 86-94 34-37
X Large 96-102 38-40
X X Large 104-109 41-43
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