Xlab Aero TT Bottle

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50% less drag than round bottles, saving up to 64 seconds on Full Race distance! 

  • NEW! Stealth black bottle color. Match your black Torpedo Bottle or kit-match your bike!
  • Aero-weenies rejoice with 50% drag savings
  • No launched bottles with tight 6lb grip (approx) carbon cage
  • Easy bottle handling with a deep grip groove
  • Ideal 20oz (590ml) capacity for a gel/water mix


  • Material: Taste free. BPA Free Polyethylene.
  • Capacity: 20oz (590ml)
  • Cage Grip Force: 6 lbs (2.7 kgs) approx
  • Colors: Translucent White bottle with black/red logos or Matte Black bottle with white/red logos
  • Weight: 59g (2.01oz)
  • Warranty: 3 Year warranty on Bottle. Limited Lifetime on cage